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Our company office is located in Morganton Station, which is located in the 600 S Green Street block in downtown Morganton; to access our office, please park behind Maria's Italian restaurant and ascend the wooden stairwell. Our office is to the right at the top of the stair.

We look forward to serving you!


Ronda Bythewood - 828-413-2542

Ginny Erwin - 828-390-6151

Commercial Vacancies in Morganton, NC:

Tannery Square - Fleming Drive (Bypass)

     Mini Storage - Tannery Square

The Commerce Building - Downtown 

Morganton Station - Downtown

160 S Sterling Street - Downtown

The Alpine Cotton Mill - Fleming Drive (Bypass)

Broker Protected


Many thanks to our partners, design team, engineer, and to the City of Morganton for working with us to improve the face of our community. We love Morganton!